Louis van Gaal adamant he would know about Jose Mourinho

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal is refusing to believe Ed Woodward and the Glazers would have held discussions with his friend Jose Mourinho without letting him know.

Rumours have been rife this week with Mourinho. The latest suggestions say he is already agreed a deal in principle to take over at Man United.

Despite so much hot air and the logic that so much smoke can’t happen without a fire, van Gaal is still adamant he would know if something was going on.

“I have not said that we have spoken, but he is my friend, so there you go,” van Gaal said.

“But I don’t know if Manchester United have spoken with Mourinho or not.

“If they are thinking that they want to replace me, they have to prepare and they have to inquire.

“But if it is like that, they have to say it to me. And I believe they will tell me if it is like that. I not only have a strong relationship with Ed, but also with the Glazers. I have a good feeling with the Glazers also.

“And that is why I am annoyed with all the publicity. I have been ‘sacked’ three times and now it is about negotiations starting with José Mourinho. The next time, it will be another [manager].”

We can only look from the outside in when it comes to van Gaal’s personal relationship with Woodward but the mere fact he is still in a job goes to show there is plenty of support for the Dutchman from within United.

I’d be very surprised if United hadn’t started any sort of conversations with Mourinho or another manager given how things have gone this season under van Gaal but one thing is for sure – he seems sure of his position at the club and is continuing to dismiss the Mourinho stories.

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