Louis van Gaal says Man United don’t need to make a statement about Mourinho lies

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal firmly believes Manchester United have no need to release a statement with regards to the Jose Mourinho reports in the press.

It’s been hard to ignore the Mourinho rumours which have snowballed during the week to the point where it has been reported that personal terms have already been agreed in principle.

Van Gaal has been very staunch in his response to the growing rumours and continued that in his press conference ahead of Sunderland.

When asked about whether United need to release a statement about the growing Mourinho murmurings, van Gaal said: “I do not agree they need to make a statement.

“I’ve said it many times that a lot of the media is inventing stories and you don’t have to respond to invented stories.”

When further questioned about whether the press had fabricated all the Mourinho stories, van Gaal simply said “yes”.

As fans we’re being forced to draw a battle line in the sand and choose a side.

On the one hand, we have the press who have reported about van Gaal offering to resign in December and all of these Mourinho reports.

On the other hand, we have van Gaal who insists everything – from the resignation reports to Mourinho – are lies and are inventions of the press.

It would have to be one hell of a collective conspiracy for the English press, Italian press and Spanish press to have all been making up all of these stories. Is van Gaal so deep in denial that he is creating and believing his own truths?

We all know that the press make stories up, that’s always been the case, but it would be almost unprecedented for such a sustained amount of lies to come from so many different sources at the same time with United. Who do we believe? It’s hard to say any more.

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