Manchester United risking missing out on Jose Mourinho by ‘dithering’ – report

by Sam Peoples

Last week saw the Jose Mourinho to Manchester United stories develop at a rapid pace but Duncan Castles suggests there is a distinct lack of movement going on behind the scenes.

Castles is a long-standing mouthpiece of Mourinho’s agent Jorge Mendes and in an article today for The Sunday Times, Castles says United’s ‘dithering’ means they are risking losing out on Mourinho.

He says that no pre-contract agreement has been discussed or verbally agreed, leading to concerns in Mourinho’s camp over whether he really will replace Louis van Gaal.

After another defeat this weekend, the pressure on van Gaal has cranked up another notch to the point where fans are finding it extremely hard to justify any reason why he is still in a job. But, he remains our manager at the time of writing.

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned bit of agent pressure is there? It happens all the time in football with players and Mendes is a canny man, so he’s probably just applying that same logic to Mourinho.

I’ve also got my doubts as to whether Mourinho would take the United job before the summer as it’d open him up to a potential failure in the last few months and be a stain on him rather than van Gaal, but that doesn’t mean a pre-contract agreement couldn’t be agreed. Some reports on the contrary say personal terms with Mourinho have been agreed in principle.

Personally, I think there is absolutely no chance of missing out on Mourinho because he is desperate for the United job, his dream job. Would a mean who has wanted it for years give it up so easily? I can’t see it. That doesn’t mean United wouldn’t have to approach it with some urgency.

Something else to consider in whether United are risking missing out on Mourinho – what other options does he have?

Going back to Real Madrid? Unlikely with Zinedine Zidane. Going back to Inter Milan? It’s a possibility. Going to Bayern Munich? They have Carlo Ancelotti now. Managing Portugal? Again, a possibility.

There’s not another job out there which will appeal to Mourinho as much as United, the job he has always wanted so I think even if United are ‘dithering’, he’ll wait – but then again I might be wrong.

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