Louis van Gaal only kept his job because of Ed Woodward says Mark Ogden

by Sam Peoples

Quite how Louis van Gaal is still manager of Manchester United has got a lot of fans scratching their heads but according to The Independent’s Mark Ogden, it’s all down to one man – Ed Woodward.

In his latest column, Ogden says Woodward’s sole determination to stand by van Gaal when others wouldn’t was the only reason he didn’t get sacked after an awful December which saw Man United lose four consecutive games.

Given that Woodward was responsible for bringing van Gaal in, he wouldn’t want to admit his own failures by sacking him and that’s a clash of interests which is likely causing some decisions to be overlooked, even ignored, at board level.

There’s no way van Gaal should be our manager right now. No logical justification for the Dutchman still being at the helm. No reason at all why he hasn’t been given his P45 already – yet, he remains. Of course Woodward has played a major role in that.

Woodward needs to be replaced with the same urgency as van Gaal and the Glazers. They are all collectively responsible for what’s happened over the last two years but the likeliness of all three being replaced is nigh on impossible.

United are a club in disarray. Right from the core to the players themselves, there is nothing which really fills fans with confidence that we’re heading in the right direction and until something changes, we will continue to remain in the horrible limbo we find ourselves currently.

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