Manchester United fans raise ‘Welcome to Scamdinavia’ banner in protest of FC Midtjylland ticket prises

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United fans raised a banner emblazoned with “Welcome to Scamdinavia” in Denmark today in protest of the ticket prices our travelling supporters have been charged.

FC Midtjylland have charged Man United’s away fans £71 for tonight’s Europa League clash, whereas Southampton fans were charged £22 for their Europa League qualifier back in August.

Despite the outcry, FC Midtjylland have stood by their decision to raise ticket prices and believe they are fair, not hiding the fact they have pushed them extortionately high in order to profit from the match.

Following Liverpool’s successful protest at the new £77 tickets as part of Anfield’s redevelopment and Arsenal scrapping the surcharge they wanted to add for the FC Barcelona game, ticket prices are very much a topic of the moment.

Hopefully United can get involved with this movement and real action can happen against those exploiting fans.

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