Manchester United players growing frustrated with Louis van Gaal’s training methods

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United fans have lost patience with Louis van Gaal as manager and the latest article from Mark Ogden in The Independent suggests the players are in the same boat now.

Ogden reports that van Gaal’s methods which restrict the style of play Man United’s players got so used to under Sir Alex Ferguson have frustrated them.

The most worrying point raised by Ogden is the suggestion that van Gaal has told his players they must take a touch before shooting and if they don’t it would be brought up in training the following day.

Writing in his latest column, Ogden wrote: “The Independent understands that the often critical opinions of former United midfielder Paul Scholes, who has described Van Gaal’s football as “boring” and “lacking creativity and risk”, are shared by influential voices in the dressing-room who crave a return to the free-flowing and free-thinking football of the Sir Alex Ferguson era.

“Van Gaal has made no secret of his desire to “train the brains” of his players in order for them to adjust to his football philosophy, but the extent of his determination to micro-manage events on the pitch is highlighted by his insistence that his players must control a ball before shooting, in order to have a better chance of shooting accurately.”

Shooting has become a foreign art to United’s players for a substantial part of this season and only recently in the Derby and Stoke games have we taken a more attacking approach, loosening the shackles to let the players express themselves. Those shackles were re-applied in the subsequent games.

By the sound of it all, van Gaal has started to lose the dressing room as well as the fans and once that has happened we all know there is only thing that follows, as David Moyes found out.

It’s a horrible waiting game we are playing but nobody is under any illusion that van Gaal deserves to stay past the summer, so his replacement is an inevitability now.

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