Massimo Moratti insists Jose Mourinho doesn’t want to tell anyone about Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Former Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti has said Jose Mourinho is keeping tight lipped on whether he is joining Manchester United.

Moratti and his family had lunch with Mourinho in Milan today ahead of Inter’s game against Sampdoria on Saturday evening.

Following that lunch, Massimo’s sister Bedy Moratti revealed Mourinho would be going to Manchester but the former president is suggesting Jose is yet to confirm anything.

“Is he going to Manchester United? I am not sure, he doesn’t want to tell anyone,” Moratti said.

I’m not at all surprised by Massimo’s comments, regardless of what the actual situation is because he’s a football man and understands it isn’t really his place to confirm or deny the rumours.

What I’m interested to see is the reaction of Man United to these developments. Up until this point they have stayed silent with the Mourinho rumours but surely you’d expect some sort of statement from the club soon, otherwise they are doing a disservice to Louis van Gaal publicly.

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