Backpages: Jose Mourinho is off to Manchester United, he wants the job

by Sam Peoples

Sunday’s newspaper back pages have plenty of stories about Jose Mourinho and his potential move to Manchester United.

Quoting Bedy Moratti’s comments following her lunch with Mourinho in which she said he would be moving to Manchester, the Mourinho to Old Trafford rumours have continued to get louder at a rapid pace.

The Sunday Express back page comes with something new by suggesting Mourinho rejected a return to Inter Milan because the only job he wanted was United.

Daily Star’s back page says Louis van Gaal‘s reign will come to an end with defeat at Shrewsbury.

Let’s be honest, we all know Mourinho has wanted the job for some time now and I think he’d be prepared to reject anything in order to make sure he replaced van Gaal. It’s an opportunity he thought wouldn’t arise at this stage and one I very much doubt he would want to miss out on now.

The next step is to hear a statement from United but up until this point they have remained pretty quiet.

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