Matt Law: Manchester United’s inability to sign Pep Guardiola says a lot

by Sam Peoples

Daily Telegraph journalist Matt Law believes Manchester United’s inability to sign Pep Guardiola says a lot about how far the club has fallen since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure.

Guardiola will replace Manuel Pellegrini at Manchester City at the end of the season and Law claims Man United should have challenged them for the Spaniard’s services.

Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has been heavily linked with a move to Old Trafford and has allegedly signed a three-year-deal worth £48m.

Speaking about the situation, Law admitted he is surprised Man United have limited their manager search to Ryan Giggs and Mourinho.

“It surprises me slightly that it seems to be Mourinho or Giggs,” Law told Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports.

“[Diego] Simeone has a release contract at Atletico Madrid, I think they had a look at him before Van Gaal. I can’t quite understand why he hasn’t come into the picture.

“[Massimiliano] Allegri at Juventus is doing a great job, I can’t quite understand why everything is concentrated so much on [Giggs and Mourinho].

“For me, Manchester United used to be the club who could go out and look at all the top candidates and it says a lot that they didn’t even feel they could go for [Pep] Guardiola because he was so far down the line for Man City.

“Traditionally, you’d have thought United would be right in there for Guardiola.”

I’ve got to agree with Matt here because as a fan it is inconceivable to think we just let Guardiola walk into City without trying to bring him to Old Trafford. He’s one of the world’s best managers and Louis van Gaal only has a contract until next summer, so even if we were doing brilliantly well it wouldn’t matter so much as Guardiola is a manager who you simply can’t afford to miss out on if he is available.

As it turned out, Guardiola went to City and United have been left with van Gaal. Jose Mourinho is now the only available option but even at this stage there is no confirmed movement for the Portuguese manager from United, although plenty of separate reports have suggested it is effectively already agreed being the scenes.

United’s willingness to let Guardiola join City is worrying to say the least but Mourinho’s arrival would balance it out for sure.

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