From Portugal: Mourinho will become Man United manager and has already found a house in Manchester

by Tanveer Arayan

Jose Mourinho will become Manchester United’s next manager and has already found a new house in Manchester ahead of his anticipated move, according to Correio da Manha.

The reports from Mario Pereira say Mourinho will succeed van Gaal and is now finalising the logistics of his new house.

Mourinho to United really looks like the worst kept secret in football, so much so that Correio da Manha are simply saying Mourinho is United’s next boss as if it is a known fact already.

Bedy Moratti’s comments at the weekend saying he’s off to Manchester after having lunch with him really got the rumour mill in overdrive and it hasn’t slowed down since.

Beating Shrewsbury Town on Monday has changed very little with regards to van Gaal’s job at the club and I don’t think anything from here on in will have any effect on it. The damage has already been done this season and the confidence in Pereira’s report for Correio da Manha is indicative of that. He’s not even questioning it any more, he pretty much sees it is as a move which is inevitable.

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