Jose Mourinho won’t become Manchester United manager until the summer – report

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has no intention of becoming Manchester United manager until the summer which means Louis van Gaal will keep his job until the end of the season, reports The Mirror.

It is being widely reported that Mourinho to Man United is pretty much an open secret at this stage but the biggest question mark remained as to when he would take over.

Now, The Mirror are suggesting Mourinho wants to wait until June to take over and feels that’s enough time to make the necessary changes and have a full pre-season.

Bearing in mind that Euro 2016 starts on 10 June and lasts until 10 July, Mourinho would face an uphill struggle with time to complete his signings, build his squad and have a pre-season tour before the campaign kicks off in August.

It would be a lot to do in a very short space of time which is why the idea of him taking over before the end of the season has a lot of logic behind it, but whether he or United want that to happen is a different matter altogether.

Also, their friendship has to be taken into account as well seeing as they have been friends for a long time and Mourinho probably wouldn’t want to upset van Gaal.

So, while a lot of United fans want to see Mourinho replace van Gaal as soon as possible, there is the real possibility it won’t happen until the summer.

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