Memphis Depay knows he hasn’t fulfilled his own potential yet at Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Memphis Depay is under no illusions that he has to improve at Manchester United but is ready to fight and continue working hard to make that happen.

The Dutchman hasn’t been able to replicate the form he showed at PSV Eindhoven which earned him a big move to Man United in the summer and has only shown fleeting glimpses of his real potential.

It’s been an underwhelming start for Memphis but he has every confidence in himself to overcome those problems and promises to shine in the future.

Speaking at an Under Armour event to launch their new Rule Yourself campaign, Memphis said: “No. Not yet. I know that. I will continue to fight for it.

“I have a lot of expectations on myself. That’s important. The club is busy and I am busy to improve it.

“I don’t want to put a date on it or say when [I will meet expectations] but it will come. Confidence will help and experience. You learn from your mistakes.

“Those moments they will come and I will work and focus on it.”

I share the same belief and confidence in Memphis and think he’s going to follow in Luke Shaw‘s footsteps by turning into a completely different looking player in his second season.

Not every foreign import can settle straight and Shaw’s injury really knocked Memphis back a bit at a time where he was starting to grow with confidence which he’s never fully recovered from.

Luckily, time is on Memphis’ hands. Fans will remain patient and so will the club so everyone will be wanting to see him improve and grow next year as a player and a person.

With the right attitude and hard work, Memphis really does have all the attributes of a world class player, it’s just a case of him maximising his own potential.

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