Sir Alex Ferguson’s reaction after FC Midtjylland goal sums it all up

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson’s reaction to FC Midtjylland going 1-0 up against Manchester United summed up exactly how fans were feeling.

Midtjylland hardly had the ball in our half at all but somehow managed to score and put themselves ahead with Sisto’s low finish finding the bottom corner.

Fergie’s baffled reaction is exactly what we were all doing – did that really just happen?

It’s happened too many times this season with United. We’ve controlled possession, seen plenty of the ball but failed to turn it into anything productive. How many times have we said that this year?

Imagine that had happened under Sir Alex? There’d have been boots and hairdryers flying all over the place at half-time.

I know our team is absolutely ravaged by injuries but quite how we managed to make Midtjylland look so good over two legs is simply beyond me, and absolutely indicative of how far we’ve fallen over the last three years.

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