Gianluca Di Marzio says he knows Jose Mourinho will be Manchester United’s next manager

by Sam Peoples

Gianluca di Marzio is widely considered to be one of Italy’s most respected and reliable journalists when it comes to transfer rumours.

Having been first to the Matteo Darmian story in the summer, he’s also got a good recent track record when it comes to Manchester United and in regards to the Jose Mourinho rumours, Di Marzio is not sitting on the fence.

Not for the first time, Di Marzio has publicly said he knows Mourinho is going to become Man United manager.

While not being the be all and end all, Di Marzio’s built an excellent reputation and that’s why we’re sitting up and listening to what he has to say about Mourinho. Given Jose’s close ties to Inter Milan, and the fact he was in Italy only a couple of weeks ago, Di Marzio will more than likely have got his information from there.

The current situation is this: Mourinho said he hasn’t got a new job yet, he says he wants to join a new club, Louis van Gaal has labelled all the rumours as ridiculous and United are remaining silent on the subject.

I personally consider it an inevitability Mourinho will become our next manager and Di Marzio is in that same boat as well, so here’s hoping we’re both right.

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