Incredible stat shows just how bad Louis van Gaal’s Man United really are

by Sam Peoples

There have been lots of damning statistics to show how bad Manchester United have become under Louis van Gaal but another one has emerged which, for me, is the worst of the lot.

Under van Gaal, Man United have managed either none or one shot on target in eight of their last 30 Premier League matches.

To put that into some sort of perspective, it happened just 15 times in Sir Alex Ferguson’s last 380 Premier League games in charge.

This is United we’re talking about, a club whose fanbase sings ‘attack, attack, attack!’ from the terraces and has built their modern day reputation on being a brilliant, exciting attacking force. Yet, we’re now as threatening as a soft pillow and it’s putting fans to sleep because the excitement of watching United play has been replaced by a dreary monotony.

Van Gaal needs to get out of our club but the reality is he is probably here until the summer which means we’ve got to put up with United playing like this for another couple of months. It’s embarrassing, truly embarrassing and the club is getting its reputation dragged through the mud by a man so blinded by his own philosophy that he can’t see the damage it’s doing, or is simply choosing to ignore it.

There’s no salvation for van Gaal now, it’s gone past that point, but when will we get rid of him? Your guess is as good as mine.

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