Liverpool player Jordan Williams tweets about Munich disaster, says he was hacked then deactivates Twitter – report

by Sam Peoples

Liverpool player Jordan Williams caused a storm after Man United’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool by, intentionally or unintentionally, mocking the Munich Air Disaster on Twitter.

The tweet then disappeared from Williams’ Twitter page and the account was subsequently deactivated only a few moments later.

Here is how the story unfolded:

On his Twitter account, Williams responded to a video of Liverpool fans celebrating inside Old Trafford using an aeroplane emoji and deleted it soon after.

He then followed up deleting it by saying his account had been hacked:

Only a couple of moments after that, Williams deactivated his Twitter account.

Everybody is innocent until proven guilty but deleting a tweet, saying you were hacked and deactivating Twitter within the space of ten minutes? Well, it doesn’t help the situation and that’s me being objective.

It brings a wider topic back into the public eye – mocking the dead needs to stop. United fans need to stop it, Liverpool fans need to stop it. It’s archaic and has no place in modern football.

Sing about Steven Gerrard slipping or how shit we’ve become in the last few years, sing about the football – don’t try and use the deaths of people to get one up on a rival. It’s disgusting.

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