Man United vs Everton: Three players who Van Gaal must start

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal has been guilty of making some strange team selections this year at Manchester United.

With that in mind, we’ll be looking at three players who we think have to start for Man United against Everton on Sunday.

Morgan Schneiderlin

I don’t even know why van Gaal even contemplates his starting XI without Schneiderlin in it if he is fit and available but he has on so many occasions this season.

Fortunately, I think even van Gaal can’t consider dropping Schneiderlin after his performance against Manchester City two weeks ago. I’m not sure Yaya Toure has emerged from his pocket yet because Morgan was dominant and the centre-piece of our gritty 1-0 win.

N’Golo Kante has gone on to become the sort of player this season who we expected Schneiderlin to be at United but the only way he’s going to get near to that level is by being used.

Jesse Lingard

Slowly but surely, Lingard has been winning me over this season. There have been plenty of average performances, which can be said for all of Manchester United’s players, but how he played against Man City was a different Lingard that I hadn’t seen before.

He played with an experienced head on his shoulders, never gave City a moments rest either in or out of possession and was a real asset for United in a difficult game. He earned his place in that starting XI and I don’t think he can be dropped.

However, the main reason I’d keep him in the team is his pace. We need to hit Everton on the counter-attack like we did against Everton and I think Lingard is going to play a crucial role in that.

Ander Herrera

Just like Schneiderlin, Herrera has been overlooked so often over the last two years and is lambasted by van Gaal for making mistakes when players like Marouane Fellaini get a free pass.

Playing Fellaini over Herrera is effectively a crime against all that is holy against football. With Herrera in the side, like the 3-0 away at Everton where Ander scored, we play smarter and neater football. The midfield doesn’t simply get overlooked with him in the team.

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