Jamie Carragher: Marcos Rojo was embarrassing against Spurs

by Leo Nieboer

Jamie Carragher has labelled Marcos Rojo‘s performance in Manchester United’s 3-0 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur as ’embarrassing’.

The former Liverpool defender’s comments come after the Argentinian produced another woeful display at left-back, where he failed to settle and acted as a liability all game.

Following Rojo’s poor show against Everton last weekend, it was both perplexing and concerning to see the 26-year-old included once again against even stronger opposition. And those concerns were justified by the abject nature of his performance.
Speaking after the game, Carragher criticised the way Rojo approached such a highly charged encounter.

Rojo serves as a fitting embodiment of Man United in the post-Fergie era: a lukewarm, unattractive and expensive outfit, with no real regard for the long standing traditions and demands of the club.

This current side, it seems, is incapable of channeling the big-game mentality that used to epitomise United’s domineering performances of the past. There is a confidence, a sort of grandeur and appreciation of the badge, that completely eludes players such as Rojo.

Instead, Rojo, amongst others, characterises the more tentative ‘new’ United, as today’s performance showed in emphatic fashion.

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