Manchester United fans disappointed with Marcos Rojo’s performance against Tottenham Hotspur

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United fans were left dismayed by Marcos Rojo‘s abject performance in their side’s humiliating 3-0 loss to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

After the Argentinian’s poor display against Everton last week, it was worrying – and slightly annoying – to see his name on the team sheet in such a vital encounter at the expense of Matteo Darmian.

And his performance against Spurs was arguably even worse; the 26-year-old was taken apart too often in one-on-one situations, and his positional sense and awareness was elementary at best. Man United fans were quick to point out their frustration towards Rojo.

There are some defenders that, in highly charged encounters, send a shiver of discomfort down your spine whenever they approach the ball.

And against a high-flying Spurs, Rojo bore the look of a man bereft of confidence and ability. His touches were too sluggish, his passes had an air of tentativeness, and his reaction to Spurs’ onslaughts were agonising to watch.

After a poor show against Everton, Rojo ought to have missed Sunday’s encounter; the bad display will only act as a greater set-back for the Argentinian’s confidence. United fans, who know how imposing and effective Rojo can be, will hope that this recent decline is not terminal.

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