Cesc Fabregas explains why Jose Mourinho left Chelsea

by Sam Peoples

Cesc Fabregas has revealed Jose Mourinho’s decision to give Chelsea’s players an extended holiday in the summer was a major factor in their demise this season.

While Fabregas stopped short of blaming Mourinho and instead said the players were at fault, he believes his trust in the squad was misplaced.

Speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Fabregas said: “I think Jose’s biggest problem was that he trusted us too much. He gave us more holiday because we were champions, he believed in us more, he trusted us more and we let him down. The whole team and players. That was the main reason why at the end he had to go and for that, myself and obviously, we feel bad for that.”

It’s a delicate and necessary balance between work and play that can make a good manager great.

Knowing when to push your players and when to let them have some extra can make all the difference and you see how detrimental it was for Chelsea. After all, they didn’t play a game between June 2 and July 29 in a summer where there was no international football. It was hardly taxing.

One thing is for sure: wherever Mourinho goes next, he won’t make that same mistake with any of his teams.

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