Who is Tahith Chong? Find out about Man United’s expected new Dutch signing

by Ravi Gill

Not many Manchester United fans will know much about Tahith Chong other than the fact we are expected to sign the 16-year-old Dutch midfielder this summer.

With that in mind, The Peoples Person’s Ravi Gill had a chat with Koen Langenberg, a Man United fan and Ajax expert, on Chong to offer us some insight into what type of player he is.

Who is Tahith Chong?

Tahith Chong is a 16 year old left-footed left winger who currently plays for Feyenoord’s U17s and also plays for the Dutch U17s national team.

How does he like to play his game? What three words would you use to describe his play?

Chong’s usual playing style is to use his pace to run down the line and cross the ball into the box but he can also use his dribbling to get into the box and create a chance for himself. Even though he is young, he is quite composed in front of goal and has a good shot. If I would have to describe Chong’s playing style in three words, it would probably be these; pace, dribbling and crossing.

How has Chong’s season progressed thus far?

Even though Chong is playing in a higher age group he is one of the best players in his team. He played a few games for the U17s last year as well when he was 15 and played quite well. This season he and a striker called Vente have become quite the partnership, with Chong assisting a lot of Vente’s goals.

On Wednesday last week, Feyenoord U17s played Ajax, their biggest rival in the league and Feyenoord beat Ajax 4-1 with Chong assisting two goals. He was always a threat for Ajax’s defence and was definitely the man of the match.

What were your first impressions of the player?

When I first saw Chong, his pace stood out but his crossing was what really impressed me when he linked up so effortlessly with Vente. Chong is also really good at getting away from his defender and can turn very quickly on the ball. However, even though Chong is quite tall for his age, his heading is quite bad and he certainly needs to work on that (maybe it is the afro?)

“I’ve talked to a teammate of Chong’s and he was really impressed of him when he first trained with Chong and had a really hard time defending him.”

How is Chong regarded among coaches, scouts, and fans in the Netherlands?

Chong is quite highly regarded in the Netherlands. Ajax would’ve really liked to sign him a few years ago but at the time Chong wasn’t up for a move to Ajax and wanted to stay at Feyenoord.

I’ve talked to a teammate of Chong’s and he was really impressed of him when he first trained with Chong and had a really hard time defending him. A coach from Ajax’s academy also said on Twitter that he understands why Chong is moving to Manchester United. He said he was a beautiful player.

Do you think he is ready for a move abroad at such a young age?

Chong definitely has the talent to play in our academy but you never know how he will adapt and develops in the coming years. That being said, he does have some experience with moving abroad at a young age since he was born in Curaçao. He certainly has the pace, strength and technical skills to become a very good player for us.

Thank you to Koen Langenberg for having a chat with us. We will be regularly speaking with Koen in the future on anything to do Dutch players.

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