Adnan Januzaj: Luke Shaw is the hardest defender I’ve faced

by Tanveer Arayan

Adnan Januzaj has named Manchester United Luke Shaw team-mate as the hardest defender he has ever faced.

Shaw, 20, started off this season in magnificent form having undergone an intense pre-season training regime and was one of our best players in the early part of this campaign but a cruel injury away at PSV Eindhoven scuppered his chances of having a breakthrough year with Man United.

Although Januzaj hasn’t played many competitive games against Shaw, when asked during a live Q+A on Twitter by a fan on who the hardest defender he’s played against, Januzaj chose Shaw.

While Januzaj might just be being overly generous towards Shaw at this point, he’s got all the potential to become one of the best full-backs United have ever had. The start of this season really showed me just how much potential Shaw has and that he’s got the right attitude to make the most of it which is half the problem when it comes to a youngster with the world at their feet.

Not every young player is able to focus properly on the hard work they need to put in in order to maximise their potential but by pushing himself to do a pre-season fitness regime off his own back is a testament to his attitude. Having Shaw back next year will genuinely feel like a new signing and if he can continue where he left off, it’s going to be a special 2016/7 for Shaw.

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