Louis van Gaal attempts to lower Man United expectations: “They’re too high”

by Sam Peoples

In 2015, Louis van Gaal stole the show for fans at the end of season awards with a drunkenly hilarious speech. In 2016, van Gaal has stolen the show for fans for all the wrong reasons as the Dutchman has shown exactly why patience has run out.

His speech at the 2016 end of season awards started off gently with a classic piece of self deprecation to ease the tension when asked about this season.

“Very difficult,” he responded.

“More difficult for my players than me. First they have to deal with this manager, which is not so easy.”

Unfortunately that slowly slipped into a speech even Brendan Rodgers would cringe at.

He continued: “I’m a coach, a manager who would rather have some authority but every day the players can read it, what do you think about my authority as well? What do you think about the way they want to follow my advice? When the coach is shown like a nobody. And I am not what the media is writing because I am very arrogant, because I am one of the best managers in the world.”

His arrogance doesn’t frustrate me, it’s a characteristic of his nature. Even more unfortunately for van Gaal, he hadn’t finished there.

Speaking about United, he said: “The expectations are too high. We are in a period of transition. The players feel that. It’s not so easy.”

Here we have a manager who is not only actively changing his own expectations having said he intended to challenge or the title this year but who is attempting to lower the club’s expectations to match the current situation.

It almost sounded like he wants to be congratulated for succeeding on doing his job correctly. Newsflash Louis, that’s not going to happen.

It was van Gaal himself who said he wanted to be pushing for the title this year yet after a fourth place finish last season and another heavy revamp of the squad, we find ourselves reliant on other results to somehow sneak a top four finish. That’s not success, that’s failure on an expectation rightly put on United by the fans, the board and van Gaal as well.

I’ve been mentally done with van Gaal for some time now but the fact he’s trying to lower the expectations which he himself put on the club have shown to me once and for all that he needs to leave United.

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