David Sullivan: Manchester United’s coach wasn’t damaged

by Leo Nieboer

West Ham chairman David Sullivan has insisted that Manchester United’s team coach wasn’t damaged by West Ham United fans prior to the clash between the two sides on Tuesday, despite evidence to the contrary.

The Hammers’ final game at Upton Park, which ended in a 3-2 win for the home side, had to be delayed by 45 minutes after Man United’s coach was held up outside the ground by a congestion of home supporters.

Footage has emerged of United’s coach being pelted with bottles and various other materials, leaving visible damage to the right hand side of the coach. Sullivan, however, was insistent that no real damage had been done.


The West Ham chairman evidently hadn’t seen the state of United’s coach prior to making these comments on live television. And as somebody representing the club, such a presumptuous comment isn’t particularly clever.

But then again, given that the billionaire is looking to endorse an image of West Ham being a ‘family club’, perhaps one can understand his attempt to shirk the issue.

Nevertheless, once the 67-year-old does finally see the images of United’s withered coach, and looks back on his comments, he’ll probably acknowledge that the entire debacle reflects poorly on the club.

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