Sky Italia: Jose Mourinho will be Manchester United’s next manager

by Sam Peoples

Sky Italia are reporting that Jose Mourinho will be the next manager of Manchester United.

They say it isn’t an official just yet but indicate it is a ‘matter of hours’ until that agreement is finalised.

With Manchester United in the FA Cup final on May 21, it’s still extremely unlikely we will hear anything officially announced even if Mourinho has signed any sort of deal but this news is coming from a credible outlet.

It looks like the source of all the news from Italy is coming from journalist Alessandro Alciato.

Back in January, Alciato was one of the first to say Antonio Conte was to become Chelsea’s new manager, so people will sit up and take notice of what he’s saying about Mourinho.

Upon a little further investigation, we found this isn’t the first time Alciato has said a deal to take Mourinho to United is ‘close’, as he said the same thing back at the start of February.

Take from that what you will but this Mourinho saga is almost coming around full circle it’s been that long as far as speculation in the press goes.

As for Jose himself, he was in jovial spirits out in Mexico City on Thursday with FIFA when he was questioned directly by a journalist on whether he was going to be joining Manchester United.

Ed Woodward is set to face investors on Friday with United’s quarterly financial report and the subject of van Gaal’s future is certainly set to come up. As I said earlier there is unlikely to be any sort of announcement but maybe we’ll get a hint as to what is going on behind the scenes.

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