Luke Shaw can’t hide his disappointment at not returning this season for Man United

by Sam Peoples

Luke Shaw can’t hide his disappointment at not being able to return for Manchester United before the end of the season.

The 20-year-old has been out since September with a horrific double leg break but aimed towards an appearance on the bench as his goal to work towards.

Unfortunately for Shaw he hasn’t been able to reach that milestone and has correctly been left out of England’s squad for Euro 2016, so he’s got a lonely summer ahead where he’ll be able to focus purely on his own fitness an recovery and it’s not surprising to see the lad is disappointed with that reality.

Writing on Twitter, he said :”Always had abit [sic] of hope that I would get back fit before the end of the season! Wasn’t meant to be! Good luck to the boys in the euros ???”?

While I’m not taking any pleasure from the fact Shaw won’t be back until next season, I really think it’s the best outcome for him in terms of his career. Coming back before the end of the season may well have been what he wanted but he’ll now have two more months to fully recover, so it puts him in the best place physically to return to his best.

It’s cliche to say that an injured player returning will feel like a new signing but that’s exactly the case with Shaw. Memphis Depay has never been the same since he got injured and neither has our attack, nor defence, been the same either so I can’t wait to have him back in action.

Shaw’s had a disappointing and cruel 2015/16 season but if he can overcome this adversity and return stronger next season he’ll be better for it.

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