Could Van Gaal and Mourinho work together at Manchester United?

by Sam Peoples

Most Manchester United fans thought next year was a case of Louis van Gaal or Jose Mourinho. On Thursday night, The Sun has suggested it could be van Gaal AND Mourinho.

Neil Custis says van Gaal will be given a director of football role at Man United in order to let him see out the final year of his contract which allows Mourinho to come in as United’s manager.

Let us not forget that van Gaal and Mourinho have previously worked together at Barcelona but the concept of them doing so at United has only been entertained briefly and up until this point it’s very much been considered one or the other.

In terms of a director of football, the majority of reports have linked Atletico Madrid’s Andre Berta to the role and certainly not van Gaal but one thing is for sure – it’s not really a question of whether we need a director of football any more, it’s a question of when one will be appointed. We’re far behind the modern structure of clubs in that respect.

Would I be against van Gaal as director of football? Well, I’m not sure I’d keep him around in any capacity to be honest. The Glazers might like the idea of getting their moneys worth from the Dutchman if they are going to have to pay off the final year of his contract anyway but it’d be best to wipe the slate clean rather than keep him around.

That being said, maybe I’m underestimating how good van Gaal could be as a director of football? If I had to choose a job to keep him around, it would be as our head of academy but Nicky Butt has already taken up that appointment this year.

It’s an interesting one and certainly food for thought at the moment – could van Gaal and Mourinho potentially work together at United?

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