Harry Redknapp warns Marcus Rashford not to follow in Adnan Januzaj’s footsteps

by Ben Topliss

Harry Redknapp has warned Marcus Rashford that he could suffer a decline similar to Adnan Januzaj’s at Manchester United.

Januzaj burst onto the scene under David Moyes two seasons ago but he has struggled to make an impact at Man United since then and a recent loan spell at Borussia Dortmund was a failure.

Rashford has gone through a similar rise to prominence and Redknapp claimed that the 18-year-old should be wary of following in Januzaj’s footsteps.

“If United bring in another big-money striker — and it would be a massive gamble not to do so given how they have struggled for goals this season — then that will push Rashford back down to the pecking order,” Redknapp said.

“How many players have you seen that happen to over the years? Look at Adnan Januzaj. He looked like the greatest player we had seen for years when he first came in. Everyone thought he was a genius and United fans were baying for him to get a new contract to stop the risk of losing him for nothing. The club gave him a huge five-year deal, meanwhile every nation he was conceivably eligible to play for scrambled to get him. The FA were desperate to get him to play for England.

“Then, suddenly United spend nearly £60m on Angel Di Maria and Januzaj dies a death. He’s out of the team, confidence drains away and they end up shipping him out on loan to Borussia Dortmund, whose coaches call him lazy and disinterested. A change of manager, with people talking about Jose Mourinho coming in, could complicate things even more for Rashford just like Louis van Gaal replacing David Moyes did for Januzaj.

“Rashford looks to be a really promising player but the issue with rising so quickly is that it quickly becomes a long way to fall. Let’s hope he can prove himself all over again.”

It is certainly a valid point and supporters will know full well that Rashford still has a lot of work to do at United if he is to be a long-term success, despite his superb start.

But Rashford seems to have a sensible head on his shoulders, in contrast to Januzaj, who has reportedly acted up under Louis van Gaal and at Dortmund.

There is no knowing what the future holds but, for now, Rashford should be applauded for the way he has gone about making a name for himself at United. The hope is that he scores a goal or two in the FA Cup final on Saturday.

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