Alan Smith: Jose Mourinho will not play exciting football at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Sky Sports pundit Alan Smith believes that Jose Mourinho will not advocate an exciting style of football as manager of Manchester United.

Mourinho is expected to be announced as Louis van Gaal’s successor at Old Trafford this week after the Dutchman was relieved of his duties on Monday.

But there have been concerns that the Portuguese would not adhere to Man United’s attacking traditions and Smith agreed with the sentiment.

“He has a siege mentality – us against the world – he’ll want to spend money, so interesting times in Manchester with Pep Guardiola coming in up the road,” Smith said.

“It will be a bit more exciting under Mourinho. It couldn’t be less dull as it has been under van Gaal, but Mourinho’s not a manager who sets out with an expansive, adventurous approach.

“It’s about building on that that defence and sometimes nicking wins, so it’s not in the United tradition, but it’s difficult for the board and owners of United, there aren’t too many out there of the stature to take over.

“[Ryan] Giggs was a potential candidate but they’ve gone away from that and gone with the tried and trusted.”

Mourinho is a brilliant tactician who has used the ‘park the bus’ tactic to superb effect at clubs such as Inter Milan and Chelsea. But to label him as a purely defensive coach is absurd.

At Real Madrid, Mourinho presided over a record 121 goal season in 2011/12 and, with Chelsea last season, the Portuguese won the Premier League with a swashbuckling style of play.

Yes, Mourinho can set up shop but it is usually the most effective and necessary way of securing a positive result. He is no fool and he will be fully aware that he has to entertain the fans if he is to succeed at United. In any case, it can’t be worse than van Gaal’s reign.

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