Paul Scholes has his say on Jose Mourinho to Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Paul Scholes is hoping Jose Mourinho will be a good fit for Manchester United wants him to bring the entertainment back for the fans.

Man United might have won the FA Cup under Louis van Gaal but the writing was on the wall for the Dutchman because of how he had Man United playing dull football all too often.

Mourinho is a man who has won trophies everywhere he’s been in charge but Scholes jokingly said his move to United will be his first to a proper football club.

When asked by talkSPORT on whether Mourinho would be a good fit for Man United, Scholes said: “Who knows?

“We all thought Van Gaal was a good fit two years ago and it didn’t quite happen for him. Mourinho has obviously managed big clubs before. Now he has come to a proper big club and there is expectation there.

“He has messed around with these Mickey Mouse clubs – Real, Madrid, Chelsea and Inter Milan – and now it looks like he is coming to a proper football club. I’m only joking, of course!

“He has managed big clubs and he has got a track record of winning trophies. United should be challenging for trophies but it is the style of football that has been the big problem for the last two years and if he can get players in that are likely to entertain then the fans will be happy.”

I agree with Scholes on the point he makes about how we all thought van Gaal was going to be a good fit. I was dead excited when it was announced but we were sold an attacking, free-flowing philosophy and received quite the opposite as it turned out.

With Mourinho, we already know the drawbacks – the drama, the controversy, the potentially defensive football at times – but we’re all at the stage where those risks are accepted because if it does come off, United will be a real force again. If it doesn’t, it’s a third consecutive managerial mistake but I can’t see it being as bad as either Moyes or van Gaal.

Whatever happens at United under Mourinho, one thing is certainly for sure – it’s going to be entertaining, one way or another.

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