Jose Mourinho’s car sponsor Jaguar congratulates him on Man United move

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho’s move to Manchester United was held up this week due to complications over his sponsors and Man United’s conflicting.

So, it was deeply ironic to see that Mourinho’s personal car sponsor Jaguar congratulated him on his move to United before the club had officially made an announcement.


Jaguar have since on to delete their tweet, which is why we’ve used a screenshot, but the deed had already been done by that point. I imagine there’ll be plenty of angry faces in the Chevrolet office on Thursday night given that Jaguar got the leg up on everyone.

It sorts of perfectly sums up what sort of manager we’re getting with Mourinho – he’s a man who is as big as the club in managerial terms. I mean come on, he’s got his own car and watch sponsor. He’s a brand in himself, no wonder Chelsea moved to trademark his name in 2005.

In all seriousness, it’s just quite funny as a United fan seeing a sponsor that isn’t even ours announcing Mourinho before the club has because it sums up the general feeling of discontent towards how things are run from the top down.

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