Mourinho admits he’s always liked Man United and explains how that angered Real Madrid

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has admitted he’s always had a soft spot for Manchester United and the fans.

Having only lost to Man United two times in 20 games, Mourinho’s had our number no matter what club he’s been in charge of but despite the defeats, he’s never felt threatened by United’s support.

On the contrary, he’s explained to MUTV how his empathy with United got him into trouble with Real Madrid.

In his first interview as United manager, he said: “I know what the fans can give me. I think they know what I can give them. The most important thing is the players and my relationships with them but it’s curious I have played so many times against United at Old Trafford with other clubs and there was empathy with no problems.

“I was pushed by that feeling to say things my clubs weren’t happy with. I remember when I was at Real Madrid and said the best team lost. There were lots of people at Real Madrid who weren’t happy with me!”

Mourinho’s always wanted to be United manager and he’s just landed his dream job, so it comes as no surprise to me to hear how he’s appreciated our supporters for years.

I mean, come on, he even said he had an MUTV subscription which he was paying for before our game against Real Madrid.

The man is delighted to be United boss and as fans we’re equally as happy to have him in charge. Now we wait and see whether he can restore our winning mentality and bring United back to the top where we belong.

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