Video: Jose Mourinho’s determination to get a result

by Ben Topliss

Jose Mourinho is synonymous with winning and winning is synonymous with Manchester United. On the face of it, Mourinho’s appointment as the new boss as Man United this week is a match made in heaven.

During his time at massive clubs such as Porto, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid, Mourinho has developed a reputation of using any means necessary to secure a positive result.

The Portuguese has been happy to overwhelm opponents using attacking might, but he has also demonstrated a willingness to ‘park the bus’ if necessary. Anything to get a result. In this clip, during his time in charge of Chelsea, Mourinho relays defensive instructions to his players. He tells them: “We cannot lose the game. I am not putting pressure on you, saying ‘we have to win’, but we cannot lose. We cannot lose.”

The comments will be music to the ears of United fans.

David Moyes, during his time in charge of United, said that his side ‘aspired’ to play like Manchester City. Louis van Gaal, following a narrow win over Sheffield United in the FA Cup last season, defended the performance by saying that the League One side had no chances during the clash.

Nothing similar will ever be uttered by Mourinho. He will be fully aware of the magnitude of the task at hand and the expectations of him at United. Supporters can expect Mourinho to narrow United’s focus to one thing and one thing only. Winning.

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