Jose Mourinho ‘sobbed’ after being overlooked for Manchester United job in 2013 – report

by Ben Topliss

Jose Mourinho is said to have ‘sobbed’ after he learnt that David Moyes had been given the Manchester United job in 2013, according to a book by the respected Spanish journalist Diego Torres.

In the book, Prepare to Lose: the Mourinho Era, Torres write that Moyes was handed the reigns at Man United on the recommendation of Sir Alex Ferguson and Mourinho felt that he was let down as a result.

Mourinho apparently felt “betrayed” before going onto return to Chelsea in the same year.

“Mourinho … thought that Ferguson was, besides his ally, also his friend and godfather. He was convinced that they were tied by a relationship of genuine trust,” Torres wrote.

“He thought that his fabulous collection of titles constituted an ‘endorsement’ unreachable to any other contenders. When he knew that Ferguson had chosen Moyes, the Everton coach, he was struck by a terrible disbelief. Moyes hadn’t won absolutely anything!

“Mourinho wouldn’t stop calling them. His ‘interlocutors’ had heard him sob loudly and they were spreading the word. The most feared man in the company was crushed.”

It seems as if Mourinho has always coveted the United job and he has now finally got his wish following his appointment as Louis van Gaal’s successor last week.

He has a point to prove as his reputation took a hit after a poor Premier League title defence at Chelsea last year and he has also been handed a rare, high level of autonomy at Old Trafford.

All the ingredients are there for Mourinho to be successful and the hope is that the Portuguese is able to restore United to its former glory. If anything, it will certainly be an exciting ride.

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