David de Gea and Iker Muniain ‘implicated in police investigation’

by Ben Topliss

A protected witness in a case being brought against porn baron Torbe has implicated Athletic Bilbao’s Iker Muniain in being involved in a sexual assault and Manchester United’s David de Gea in organising the encounter, according to eldiario.es.

The victim’s statement, made on 3 June 2015, alleges that Muniain took part in sexual abuse in a central five star hotel in Madrid in 2012.

Porn producer Torbe suite loft took the victim to the suite loft of the hotel, with the promise that she should earn a significant amount of money on the condition that she had to do whatever the footballers wanted, according to her version of events. The protected witness claimed that De Gea set up the meeting with Torbe.

In the hotel, the victim claimed that she met with Muniain, another woman and another Spanish U21 international player.

Spanish police investigating the incident have said the protected witness’ statement is “very credible”.

A report read: “Having brought TP3 (Protected Witness 3) to the room with the other girl, Torbe told her that they had to be with the footballers, and that they had to do whatever they wanted and that they [the girls] would earn significant money. When TP3 refused, Torbe took her roughly by the arm, saying they had to do whatever the footballer wanted, having sex with the new girl and her.

“Both the new girl and TP3 were sexually assaulted by the footballers, given that if they refused they were physically attacked by both, and moreover, having satisfied the sexual desires of both players, the footballers threatened them in order to ensure that what had happened in the room would never be heard about. Neither TP3 or the other girl who was in the room received anything for the physical and sexual assault they suffered, with Torbe taking all the earnings.”

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