Piers Morgan: Ibrahimovic to Man United makes me feel physically ill

by Sam Peoples

What could be improve watching a video of Zlatan Ibrahimovic smiling while wearing his new Manchester United shirt? Why, witnessing Piers Morgan have a breakdown of course.

Arsenal’s frailties up front have long been seen by pretty much every other person in England apart from Arsene Wenger and seeing Man United sign one of Europe’s top strikers has sent Morgan over the edge in a wonderful way.

I think Morgan’s feelings encapsulate a general reaction, whether they choose to admit it or not, which most Premier League fans other than United will be sharing. Zlatan is a winner, Jose Mourinho is a winner and together they are certainly going to bring United’s winning mentality back in bucketloads.

Poor Piers, I almost have a feeling of sympathy towards him over this. Wait, never mind, no I don’t. Schadenfreude is one of my favourite hobbies, especially when it’s Morgan who is suffering.

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