Wayne Rooney: England’s next manager doesn’t have to be Engish

by Ben Topliss

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney has insisted that England’s next manager doesn’t necessarily have to be English.

Roy Hodgson resigned as England boss this week following his side’s humiliating 2-1 defeat to Iceland in the last 16 of Euro 2016.

The lack of suitable English candidates is glaring, with concerns over the likes of Eddie Howe, Steve Bruce and Sam Allardyce in terms of their pedigree within the world game. But Rooney dismissed the notion that the next England manager has to be homegrown.

“Of course it’s better if he’s English, but he has to be the right man for the job. He has to have the credentials and the ability to be able to do the job,” Rooney said.

“Whether he’s English or not we’ll wait and see. He needs to put his stamp on the team, whoever he is.

“I know one thing – if I was the manager coming in, I’d be very excited. It’s difficult to see now, but we do have a good squad, an exciting squad. Whoever comes in will have a tough job, but have the players to move us on from where we are and take us one step further.”

There is an argument that the national side should be managed by ‘one of their own’ as, in an ideal world, the team represents the supposed best from the country as a whole.

But England simply have not have produced successful managers. Bruce, Howe and Allardyce have been nowhere near the top level over the course of their careers and they are supposed to be the leading candidates. Hodgson, himself, has barely won anything in the modern era. England have tried – and failed – to succeed with foreign managers before but they have been backed into a corner and they may have to look outside of the country if they are to finally achieve something on the international stage.

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