Former Manchester United assistant manager Steve Round believes Ryan Giggs should leave

by Ben Topliss

Former Manchester United assistant manager Steve Round has claimed that Ryan Giggs would benefit from a spell away from the club.

Giggs, who had previously worked as assistant to Louis van Gaal and David Moyes at Man United, had hopes of landing the top job someday but he is now expected to leave following the arrival of Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford.

But Round believes that Giggs would benefit from gaining experience elsewhere before possibly taking on the United job later on in his career.

“He knows how Man United want to play and behave, he’s a big part of the club but he was never going to get the job over Mourinho,” Round said.

“He doesn’t have the experience in management but now he has the opportunity to step out of Manchester United to go and become a manager to work on himself, if he can be a success then he could always come back and take them forward.”

Giggs, as a player and coach, has been a huge part of United’s success in the modern era and it would be a huge shame to see his 29-year association with the club come to an end.

But Round is right: Giggs simply doesn’t have the experience to manage a club of United’s size and it is a gamble that they cannot take, given their mediocrity in recent years.

If Giggs really is capable as a manager, he should be able to succeed elsewhere before returning to United.

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