Hirving Lozano thrilled by Manchester United interest

by Sam Peoples

Mexican striker Hirving Lozano has admitted he is excited by the thought of playing for Manchester United and says he will do his utmost to push through a move.

The 20-year-old is on Man United’s radar having been scouted by Jose Mourinho’s staff over the summer and his father-in-law has gone as far as to say he’s joining United after the Olympics this summer in Brazil.

While his club Pachuca have confirmed United are interested there isn’t any confirmation other than that but Lozano has made it clear he wants the move to happen.

“It’s good teams like those are looking at me and I think I need to keep doing things well so that teams come watch me do it at international level. he told Mexican publication ESTO.

“Of course the thought of playing for Manchester United excites me, and I need to give it my all [for the move to happen].”

The success of Javier Hernandez at United means we will always have our scouting network in South America keeping an eye on youngsters over there. Chilean striker Angelo Henriquez may not have worked out but we’ll continue to pursue players like Lozano if they impress enough and clearly we’re one step towards bringing him to Manchester.

One thing is for sure – United have always, and will continue to, bring in talented youngsters from around the world to bolster the squad. Our club is intrinsically linked to offering opportunities to young players and I’m glad that won’t ever change, at least I hope it won’t under Mourinho.

Lozano pushing for a United move doesn’t come as too much of a surprise but if we did sign him I’d half expect him to go straight back out on loan because I don’t think we’ll have space for him in the current squad after Henrikh Mkhitaryan joins. We’ll continue to follow the story and bring you any more developments when they happen.

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