Robbie Fowler: Manchester United should not purchase Paul Pogba for £100m

by Tanveer Arayan

Former Liverpool forward Robbie Fowler has criticised Manchester United’s world record £100m bid for Paul Pogba, insisting that the 23-year-old is not worth such a large sum of money.

The Frenchman, who has also been subject to interest from Real Madrid, is set to respond to Man United’s offer this week.

Should he accept, he’s become the most expensive player in football history, easily eclipsing the £85m Real Madrid paid for Gareth Bale in 2013.

Fowler, in an article for The Mirror, insisted that the price tag was too steep.

“Manchester United’s pursuit of Paul Pogba is a case of them showing their teeth… because they can,” he said.

“It is a massive statement of intent from the most financially powerful club in the world, designed, I suspect, to show they still have plenty of bite in the transfer market.

“But £100m? C’mon. I’m sorry, but Pogba is massively overrated.”

The sum offered for the 23-year-old is astronomical, but for good reasons.

Firstly, while £100m might seem huge to the standard viewer, such a figure is pretty moderate in the context of United’s unrivalled financial muscle.

Moreover, why should the price tag matter to us? It’s not our money, and, more than anyone else, United are a well-oiled, money-fuelled machine that can afford to spend big on a player with massive potential and stunning ability.

A nine-figure sum, with prices for players inflating at an exponential rate as more and more money is pumped into the game, is set to become the norm.

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