Jose Mourinho keen to nurture Eric Bailly’s talent

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho is keen to nurture and maximise the potential of Eric Bailly at Manchester United.

The Ivorian defender made his Man United debut and in assured fashion he completed a comfortable 80 minutes. It might have been a weak Wigan Athletic side but with no English skills and in a new country, Bailly looked settled in what is a foreign environment to him.

Citing Raphael Varane as an example, Mourinho made it clear the fans’ immediate support for Bailly will make a difference.

Speaking about Bailly, Mourinho said: “Eric, the way our fans told him they liked him is enough for young boy like him. I will try to make Bailly the best I can, like I did with Varane. He has lots of potential.”

Since joining Real Madrid, Varane has grown into a top quality centre-back even if he doesn’t get much game time and we’re all hoping Bailly can do the same. After all, Jose felt he was worth the best part of £30m this summer which says something in itself.

What impressed me most about Bailly was how happy he was with the ball at his feet. I suppose it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise seeing as he has been schooled in Spanish football but it’s a breath of fresh air to see a player do that in England, especially a United defender. We need that calm and presence at the back alongside Chris Smalling.

The early indications are positive for Bailly and hopefully after a few more weeks with his team-mates, learning a bit of English along the way, he can start to feel even more settled and begin to maximise his own potential just like Mourinho wants him to.

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