Has Jose Mourinho got Paul Pogba’s name on his tactics board?

by Sam Peoples

Remember the time when David de Gea had a ball signed by Thiago Alcantara which said ‘See you in Manchester’? Well, we’ve got our version of that for this summer.

Jose Mourinho’s wife took a picture of the Manchester United manager leaving his office on route to the airport for our pre-season tour of China.


It’s a very normal thing to do. However, eagle eyed Man United fans sunk their teeth into a blockbuster theory – did Mourinho have Pogba’s name written on his tactics board above Marouane Fellaini‘s name in midfield?


A darkened version makes it a little bit easier to see but the mystery is still there:


You know the summer transfer window has truly arrived when you see things like this.

Well, it’s certainly not Juan Mata as that is written underneath Wayne Rooney in the No.10 position. Do you think somebody has gone way overboard here or has something been spotted? Well, it’s hardly official but you can see how feverous United fans are for Pogba news at the moment.

Mourinho is now on his way to China so his work is done for the time being as far as transfers are concerned so it will be up to Ed Woodward and his cronies to try and push through a world record deal which would undoubtedly be the biggest this summer by some margin.

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