Mino Raiola: There is no deal done regarding Paul Pogba

by Sam Peoples

Mino Raiola has said there is no deal done regarding Paul Pogba and his move to Manchester United.

L’Equipe’s story on Wednesday night said Man United and Juventus had agreed a deal which would see Pogba move to Old Trafford in a world record transfer. It was followed by a messy night of contrasting reports and confusion as United fans tried to get their head around what was happening.

Now, Raiola has taken to his own personal Twitter account to give his own two cents on the situation and said nothing was done right now.

It seems extremely fitting that Raiola makes announcements about the Pogba deal on his own Twitter account, rather than letting Juventus or United do the talking. The whole way through this deal he has taken centre stage with Pogba alongside him and that’s continuing to be the case.

I really did think when L’Equipe’s report came out on Wednesday night that it was a done deal but Raiola and his percentage cut of the transfer really look to be complicating things – not to the point where it will fall through but, still, a major inconvenience for everyone involved.

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