Fan gets ‘Pogba 6’ printed on a Manchester United shirt

by Sam Peoples

Paul Pogba looks like he is joining Manchester United this summer but at this moment in time nothing is over the finished line just yet.

However, it hasn’t stopped one eager fan from getting Pogba’s name and No.6 printed on the back of a Man United shirt. If I was superstitious, I’d blame this lad if the deal fell through.

It may well be as a joke but there is a feverous anticipation surrounding United and Pogba at the moment. We are on the verge of breaking the world record transfer fee for a player to bring back somebody who we all know shouldn’t have ever left United but circumstances dictated that was the way it went. For a long time, I considered it impossible and implausible yet we’re so close now it’s almost a reality.

As No.6 has been left vacant by United, assumptions are certainly being made – least not by this fella who printed the shirt – about the fact it’s Pogba’s favourite number and we’ve chosen to leave it empty. Hopefully in two weeks time we’ll see the real Pogba holding up his United shirt with No.6 on the back but until it’s finalised, there will always be that nervous anticipation that the deal might collapse.

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