Paul Scholes: Paul Pogba ‘nowhere near’ being worth £86m

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Scholes has insisted that Paul Pogba is worth ‘nowhere near’ the £86m that Manchester United will reportedly pay for the French midfielder.

Various reports from Italy and France have confirmed that a world-record deal has been agreed between Pogba and his former club.

Even those within the Man United set up, including Jose Mourinho and various MUTV pundits, are acting as if the 23-year-old has already joined the club.

Scholes, however, is sceptical over the enormous sum United are willing to pay for Pogba.

“He was a very talented young player, I played with him and I knew how good he was,” Scholes told Sport Witness.

“He played for the first team maybe once or twice, but from my understanding he was asking for too much money.

“For his age, he was asking for far too much money, that too for a player who hasn’t played first team football.

“Okay, he has gone on to great things. I think certainly there has been a lot of improvement. He needed to improve if he is going to be a player worth £86m.

“I just don’t think he is worth £86m. For that sort of money, you want someone who is going to score 50 goals a season like Ronaldo or Messi. Pogba is nowhere worth that kind of money yet.”

For the idle onlooker, £86m is a wildly excessive amount of money. But to United as a business, the fee is somewhat understandable. To put things into perspective, consider this: in 2002, the money United shelled out for Rio Ferdinand constituted 19.9% of their annual turnover; should they sign Pogba, the fee would account for 19.6% of the £510m turnover.

To Scholes, the fee will seem like a lot. But for a well-oiled financial juggernaut like United, shelling out that type of money for Pogba, who at 23 already forms the backbone of both Juventus and France’s midfield, and who will only improve in the coming years, is not as outlandish as it first seems.

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