From Italy: Paul Pogba will officially join Manchester United today

by Sam Peoples

Paul Pogba will be officially announced as a Manchester United player on Friday, reports La Stampa journalist Massimiliano Nerozzi.

Nerozzi, who has been one of our main focal points for Pogba news throughout this whole story, is confident Man United will be able to confirm the move which is big news.

Pogba is believed to be in Los Angeles on Thursday undergoing an initial medical examination which can be completed remotely in order for United to finalise the deal, prior to a more intense medical back at Carrington in the following week.

The deal is worth €110m as a base fee for Pogba plus Raiola’s commission which is in the region of €10-20m, meaning he’ll become the most expensive player of all time and Jose Mourinho’s fourth signing in a magnificent summer transfer window for United.

United are flying out to Sweden on Friday for our pre-season friendly against Galatasaray and so long as there are no delays in the deal, Pogba will be announced as a United player before our kick-off in Gothenburg.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic making his debut as a United and Pogba’s return being confirmed all within the space of 24 hours? What a time to be a United fan.

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