Pogba announcement? Adidas confirm new Manchester United video coming soon

by Sam Peoples

Adidas have revealed a new Manchester United promotional video will be coming out soon, leading to yet further speculation surrounding the official announcement of Paul Pogba as Jose Mourinho’s fourth signing.

Ever since Mino Raiola said there was no deal done and all of the news was ‘bla bla bla’, Adidas launched a marketing campaign involving all of their teams around it and Pogba is at the centre of all of it.

Up until this point, Adidas are yet to release a video specifically on Man United but one is coming soon – will it be the big moment it’s confirmed?

We know that Adidas have been planning all of this Pogba to United promotional stuff for some time now. All of this marketing campaign hasn’t been an afterthought following Raiola’s tweet, it’s all been calculated and structured in such a way as to gain the most publicity it possibly can.

Like it or lump it, Adidas’ campaign has worked; everybody is talking about Pogba and that’s what they wanted. Now, if an official announcement can be done we can all move on – get your skates on Man United.

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