Video: Paul Pogba tells Juventus fans in New York that he’s staying

by Sam Peoples

Not that Manchester United fans needed anything to tip them over the edge with regards to this Paul Pogba transfer but the guys over at Italian Football TV have caused a stir.

The two presenters Marco Messina and Michael Kantaris set out to find Pogba in New York. They did just that and when they met him they asked Pogba whether he was staying, to which he replied “yes”, albeit in a muted undertone.

Here’s the video:

Make of it what you will. Pogba didn’t even look like he fully heard what they were saying but fair play to both of them for getting out there, finding Pogba and trying to ask him.

As we’ve said on multiple occasions, we’re confident the deal is already done and everything is set for the announcement to happen but until we’re proven right (or wrong), it remains conjecture and videos like this from Italian Football TV will cause fans to worry that – after all of this – Pogba will remain at Juventus.

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