Di Marzio says tricky Paul Pogba to Manchester United negotiations nearly done

by Sam Peoples

Another day, another news outlet reporting the Paul Pogba deal would be completed today, another disappointment when nothing is finalised come the end of it.

This time it was The Telegraph who quoted their sources confirming Pogba to Manchester United would be finalised on Thursday. Alas, it wasn’t. So, you can forgive Man United fans for being pretty sick and tired of the situation by now.

Next up, Gianluca di Marzio has piped up with his latest update on the transfer.

Di Marzio says it’s just been a long, painful, dragged out negotiation process between United and Juventus. The complicated nature of the big figures involved, and Mino Raiola of course, have made it one extremely laborious process which has trickled on for some time now.

There’s nothing untoward about it, there’s nothing to be worried about, it’s just a waiting game which has tested the patience of all fans and more than likely both clubs involved. Thankfully, we can see the end of the tunnel but we’ve had yet more delays and missed deadlines.

So, it’s a frustrating update to hear. Pogba isn’t confirmed yet but the champagne really is on ice. We can’t do anything but sit on our hands and wait. We know the announcement has already been prepared, we know work behind the scenes has already been done but we’re just waiting for it to be ratified and official. Unfortunately, that wait continues although the consensus really is it’s just around the corner.

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