Andy Cole: Jose Mourinho reminds me of Sir Alex Ferguson

by Leo Nieboer

Former Manchester United striker Andy Cole has claimed there are some serious parallels between Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho.

Cole played under Sir Alex for six years, scoring 93 goals and claiming ten major honours in the process.

Mourinho arrived at Man United with the intention of landing four specified transfer targets, and in Eric Bailly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Paul Pogba, he has done exactly that.

Speaking to, Cole noted that Mourinho’s ruthless business this summer reminds him of the great Scot’s similarly efficient work in the transfer market.

“I have been impressed, you have got to be,” he said. 

“Some of the signings over the last few years… I don’t know if it was a numbers thing, to get bodies in at a certain time. But Mourinho has come in and specified the four players he wanted and the club has got them all.

“That reminds me of my time with Sir Alex Ferguson. He identified a player and, nine times out of 10, got the player.”

Specifying a big transfer target and then securing their signature so quickly is perhaps the clearest sign of a great manager. To come to a club, spot areas that require improvement, find an appropriate profile and then land them is the hallmark of a superb football brain and a huge reputation.

Mourinho knew exactly who he needed before he even walked through the door at Carrington, such is his propensity to meticulously analyse a team and then construct a plan. As the season draws nearer, the 53-year-old’s project – probably conceived as soon as he left Chelsea – is slowly unfolding, and it promises to be something special.

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